Friday, November 23, 2007

A Doo Wop Group on Wheels

As regular readers of this blog may have noticed, I am chief cook and bottle washer of the Southeastern PA chapter of the Jesse Malin fan club. Despite his unorthodox vocals, over-reliance on New York swagger and out-of-date Rod Stewart via Paul Weller rooster haircut, Malin believes. Believes in all the power and the redemption rock and roll can offer. And that, plus a meat and potatoes songwriting style that looks back not only to punk rock circa '77 but also Springsteen, Chuck Berry and Brill Building popmeisters, is more than enough for me. In concert, the passion in his delivery is palpable and he he openly embraces his heroes - as evidenced by the artists he chooses to cover - Bruce Springsteen, Neil Young, the Clash, Graham Parker, Jim Croce, Nilsson, The Hold Steady and last Tuesday night at Philadelphia's Tin Angel, a double shot of the ragged glory that is Neil Young.

And that brings us to Malin's cover of Neil's "Helpless" on Tuesday, where he wanders into the crowd and selects one poor sap to sing on mike a wee bit of the chorus. This night the poor sap was your overage, overfed, overserved, humble correspondent. And as this show was broadcast live on WXPN and streaming over the world wide web, the moment has been captured forever.

For those with short attnetion spans, fast forward to about 3:56 in and prepare to be dazzled.
p.s. That's the great Steve Thomas with Malin. Sorry ladies... he's taken.


Michael Atchison said...

I'm speechless, speechless, spee-eechless.

You make Teenage Kicks proud everyday, friend.

Kevin McClatchy said...

Teeker has a bottomless bag of tricks — apparently included a Yuengling-soaked-Richard-Thompson-meets-Wilford-Brimley baritone

Kevin McClatchy said...

Teeker has a bottomless bag of tricks — apparently including a Yuengling - soaked-Richard-Thompson-meets-Wilford -Brimley baritone

Kevin McClatchy said...

Sorry for the above double post — I'm working on the thumb tick.

jtd7 said...

Teak! You nailed it!

EvilWoman said...

Anyone who jumps off the stage, grabs my beer, takes a swig, hands it back and signs the bottle after the show is more'n awright wit me.

And missed your calling, Boy-o. ;)