Thursday, October 25, 2007

You, Me, Us....(TLA 10-23-07)

Can you spot the rock star?

Teenage Kicks unabashedly supports The Hold Steady as the best band in America. Last night, once again, they crushed expectations with yet another exuberant rock revival meeting. Who says rock is dead? Surrounded by friends everywhere I looked, I realized that’s what sets The Hold Steady apart – a real feeling of kinship between band and audience. I counted at least 40 people I knew or were friends of friends - Mary Z and Kevin, Scott, Alan, Feeney, Peter and his date Greg, Nan, Kat, Barb, Billy, Billy's son, Brandt, Angelo, Hartmaier, Fudgie, Dave, Ann, Lieve (Leeeeve...say it right!), Dave and Diane, Robin, Jamey, Sean, Jersey Mike, Kurt and Claire, Matt, Matt's son, Tim, Brandon, Brett, Eric, Hinchey, BagofSongs Tom, Ed, John, Don, not to mention almost 14 feet of Stankus - Chris and Brian. If I forgot to list you or didn't see/speak to you last night, I'm sorry. It was that kind of night.

Your correspondent, floating on a river of Yuengling (copyright mz plus photos), joined the much celebrated “stage invasion” during the high mass show closer of “Killer Parties”. I was sufficiently lubricated to stand tall on stage with The Hold Steady and offer the great rock salute to my boys – the fist pump. At least I didn’t do the devil horns, shout out a lame request or pretend my cell phone was a bic lighter (people going to concerts… stop doing that NOW!).

Above are a few pics from the pre-show at The Blarney Stone (hey there Sean and Jersey Mike) and during the TLA set but I’ll spare you the shot of me wolfing down a Jim’s steak post show.

If you want to know why we go nuts for The Hold Steady, Michael and I have each written passionate testimonials elsewhere on this blog. We'd like to urge all of America (and of course our substantial international readership) – go see these guys when they come to your town… it’ll be the best show you see this year (or maybe second best if you’re also seeing Springsteen).

Here’s two non-album tracks for your enjoyment – “Girls Like Status” (which received a suitably raucous airing last night) and the b-side to their impossible to find first single, a hazy but riffalicious cover of Led Zep’s “Hey Hey What Can I Do”.

“There is so much joy in what we do up here. I want to thank you all for being here tonight to share that joy with us.”

Girls Like Status

Hey Hey What Can I Do


-tom said...

Nice. Sorry I had to miss the pre & post show festivities.

Mike said...

You nailed it, man.

Great meeting you, brother.

Good find on the 'hey hey' also-

lahuitrefrite said...

Now I'm thinking I should have taken a photo of Koob and both of the McClatchys. Y'all could be brothers.

Glad you liked the "river of Yuengling" phrase...

don said...

Can you spot the theremin?

Evilwoman said...

It was a pleasure gettin' sweaty with all y'alls.
It was a massive night.

hookfinger said...

I don't really like rock and roll. You got a problem with that or are we cool?