Thursday, October 25, 2007

My iPod wants to rock you

After warming up with some world music esoterica (Thomas Mapfumo, Os Mutantes, an early Bob Marley rarity), the greatest device ever invented just laid down this epic troika:

"Rock and Roll All Nite," KISS
"Unchained," Van Halen
"Kiss Me On The Bus," The Replacements

It then served up Elvis's "Mystery Train" as a smooth-finishing chaser.

Props to Trip on the epic Hold Steady post (I didn't know that Zep cover existed). I'm slated to see the band in three weeks, and hope to have something equally rapturous to report. I've also got a headful of ideas about Radiohead and Bruce Springsteen that are driving me insane. Hopefully I can organize them and share soon.

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