Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Don't Call & Three Strikes

Just for no good reason, here's three in current heavy rotation in my house.

We got alt-country pop courtesy of Southern California's The Hideaways, whose breezy Tupelo meets Beat Farmers at Jayhawk Drive honky tonk recalls a great song called "Kissed A Girl" by the late, lamented (by me) Star City. I wish I could post that one too but I can't currently find it.
Stranger's Heart

The Hideaways myspace page

Then there's the light, but top 40 in my mind, uber-melodic pop of "Sex Without Love" from the always reliable Ben Lee's lateset, Ripe.

Sex Without Love

And since I'm getting my game face on in preparation for The Hold Steady's Philadelphia invasion next Tuesday (that will take place on World Series Eve... is that some kind of holiday?), here's a classic baseball ditty done up greatest-band-in-America style.

Take Me Out To The Ballgame

Oh yeah... that picture - that's my friend Donna who I met in Orlando last week. She was a little peeved at me for not name-checking her when I wrote about camping out for Bruce Springsteen tickets 30 YEARS AGO!! But it was her apartment where I took refuge and she was a big part of the camp out... as she reminded me. She's about the coolest friend a guy could have.

The batteries? Not sure but she's by herself a lot. Her husband has lots to do.

And if you're thinking of calling Donna on the phone... don't do it. Cut her a break - she doesn't want to talk to you. Not even a little bit.

I'm serious.... don't call her.


beth said...

that is an awesome pix of Donna but I AM curious about the batteries ;-)

donna said...

Hey, three hurricanes in 6 weeks leads to some major hoarding of batteries. The pic was for a humor piece I wrote for the paper. But John is away alot:) Hey, Beth--miss you. Call me. Really. You can call Trip and get my number. He loves talking on the phone

lahuitrefrite said...

Does Bon Jovi know that Ben Lee has stolen his riff from "You Give Love a Bad Name?" Nevermind, I like Lee lots. The cut "Love Me Like the World is Ending" is getting some play on Baltimore's WTMD. Is the rest of the album as likeable?