Friday, August 17, 2007

Honey, I corrupted the kid

You're Valerie Bertinelli. Your ex-husband, an addict in recovery, comes to you and says he'd like to take your sixteen year old son out of school this fall. To play rock and roll shows. With this man:

Now, it's possible that this guy may not be the best role model for a teenage boy. He is prone to, how shall I say, excess. He's also not so good with what we might call "coherent thought." And, if you'll recall, your ex-husband kind of hates this guy and has spent the past twenty-some years slagging him in public.

So, Val, whaddya say?

You say, what the heck, the kid's alright. And that's the story of how Wolfgang became the bass player in the reconfigured (if not really reunited) Van Halen.

Young Wolfie, of course, replaces founding member Michael Anthony (who is on the outs with Ed and Alex) in the band. And it raises an interesting point of trivia. The kid was born six years after David Lee Roth last played with Van Halen. Has any other major band ever staged a "reunion" featuring a key member who had not yet been born when the band broke up? If you can think of an example, please leave us a comment.

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lahuitrefrite said...

Can I leave you a comment with my favorite line from the NME link? I will:

"It's a new band with a new sound and new energy from Wolfgang, but we'll play songs you know as well as the roof of your mouth," Roth said.

"Roof of the mouth, eh?" That's a new one on me. Rock on, David Lee.