Thursday, May 03, 2007

Independently Confirmed: Trip's Taste is Better

Long suspected, now confirmed, Trip's taste in music is better than mine. Recently, I sent copies of our respective 2006 compilations to The Boy, intrepid proprieter of Good Nonsene. Today, he lists his five favorite tunes from the discs:

- “White Collar Boy”, Belle & Sebastian
- “How Can a Poor Man Stand Such Times”, Bruce Springsteen
- “Flathead”, The Fratellis
- “People Gonna Talk”, James Hunter
- “Girl in the War”, Josh Ritter

I am humbled to acknowledge that only one of those songs ("People Gonna Talk") was included in my epic four-disc year-ender, while the other four appeared on Trip's more restrained, and far superior, two-CD set (Trip previously posted the track list for his single-disc distillation of the lengthier effort).

Before Trip beats me over the head with his demonstrated superiority, I'd like him to wrestle with the fact that The Boy loves Barenaked Ladies and Dave Matthews something awful. (For Trip's takes on these artists, see numbers 28 and 150).


Trip McClatchy said...

Oh god... for a second I thought I read "Trip tastes better".

The Boy said...

Your opinion of DMB will be completely turned on its head when I finish my "DMB (live): A Primer" post in the next couple of days. It will open your eyes, change your world, etc.