Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Coal in My Stocking

Lacking an independent record store in my neighborhood, I rely heavily on a prominent internet retailer for my musical needs. I suppose I could opt for downloading, but I'm a bit like the kooks who clamor for a return to the gold standard. I like a tangible backing for my tunes.

Anyway, last week, I ordered new efforts by The Clientele and the Ike Reilly Assassination on their release date, and eagerly anticipated their arrival. And today was the day. The box came in the mail, and the wide-eyed kid in me tore into it only to find the right packing slip but the wrong discs. It seems I got somebody's copies of new discs by Rich Boy and Rush.

I'd like to think that somewhere, right now, some kid is having his mind blown by "When Irish Eyes Are Burning."


Trip McClatchy said...

Thanks for the Ike Reilly and Clientele... but could you burn the Rush for me?

The Boy said...

If/when you get over your fear of the Internets (well, downloading from the Internets anyway), I get a serious download bonus if you let me refer you to eMusic. Just sayin'.

And I want a copy of Rush too. Just kidding.

Seriously, I was just kidding.