Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Record Store Day - I Wanna Be Where The Bands Are

People in line to buy records!!

Bruce Springsteen - "Where The Bands Are"

While lines formed all over the country for early bird obsessives and eBay whores, it was more than just the limited Record Store Day exclusives that brought music geeks young and old out in force on Saturday. Sure, the Lennon singles bag and the Neil Young, Stones and Springsteen releases brought out the greybeards, while the Wilco box brought out all comers, and ace vinyl releases by Pavement, MGMT, Passion Pit, Phoenix and Beach House thrilled the kids. But that was the sizzle. The steak was honest-to-goodness consumers in bricks-and-mortar stores in checkout lines all day long buying lots of cds, older cheap vinyl and even pricey new vinyl releases.

Exit Clov

Roadside Graves

I spent the day at Main Street Music in Philadelphia and it was, indeed, quite a party. I'm sorry I missed the angelic, twee dream-pop of Exit Clov, led by tiny identical twin sisters Emily and Susan Hsu. But I did catch the righteous gospel-americana of Jersey up and comers Roadside Graves, the ebullient acoustic solo set by James Maddock and the in-your-face rawk of The Blood Feathers, who I can't wait to see again at Johnny Brenda's on May 28.

James Maddock

Blood Feathers

Many thanks to the weather, which provided the ideal setting for an outdoor sidewalk sale and kept in-store claustrophobia to a heat-rising minimum. There really is no substitute for getting out and mixing it up with kindred spirits in the music community, whether it be at your local record store or your local club.

Whaaaaat's Up...

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