Friday, April 16, 2010

Record Store Day - April 17, 2010

Tomorrow is "official get out of the house and go visit a sales emporium that is open to the public for the express purpose of enabling cash (or credit) transactions in exchange for pre-recorded music". In other words, it's RECORD STORE DAY!!!!!!!!!!

For those born after 1970, ask your parents what a record is. It's like those mp3s you listen to on your ipod, except it's real and sounds so much better (so I've been told). It's time to open up the wallet and spend some of your hard earned to get that elusive vinyl lp or 45 that is being released in such a small quantity that if you're don't visit a record store tomorrow, you may NEVER find it. Oh the horror!

For those in the Philadelphia area, the best Record Store Day party will be at Main Street Music in Manayunk where you'll have four free bands, three cold beers, two tomato pies and a Feeney in a nut house. There will be dozens and dozens of Record Store Day exclusive releases (list here) and lots of other cool stuff. Here's the lineup:

11:00 am - store opens (also includes many sidewalk sale bargains!)
1:00 - Exit Clov in-store performance ("Death Is A Song" mp3)
2:30 - Roadside Graves in-store performance ("Far and Wide" mp3)
3:30 - James Maddock in-store performance ("When The Sun's Out" mp3)
4:30 - Blood Feathers in-store performance ("Caterpillar" mp3)

Main Street Music
4444 Main Street
Philadelphia, PA 19127

And if you go, please say hi - I'll be there shopping, working, freeloading and blathering on about how The Hold Steady tore it up in Harrisburg Friday night. Often at the same time. I can multi-task like that.

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