Thursday, December 03, 2009

TK #81: Joe Henry – Civilians (2007)

After some forays into the jazzy ether, Henry rediscovered gravity on this 2007 effort, his best song cycle in years. That he could create a song called “God Only Knows” that rivals the Beach Boys’ tune of the same name testifies to his immense and understated talent.


Andy Whitman said...

I'm enjoying the roundup very much, including the comparatively low placement of "Yankee Hotel Foxtrot." It's scary how much alike our tastes are.

Michael Atchison said...

Thanks Andy (I read your Stephanie Spielman post the other day; how terribly sad). If we had done this on another day, YHF might not have made it at all. Trip didn't put it on his list, and it's probably too high on mine. I can think of one or two recent albums that were left off that I might put ahead of it now.