Wednesday, December 16, 2009

TK # 52: Linda Thompson - Versatile Heart (2007)

Linda Thompson has kept a spectacularly low profile (3 albums in 25 years) since her high profile personal and musical split with uber-guitarist ex-husband Richard. Versatile Heart is a subtle, austere collection of brusied heart ruminations on the pains of being pure in love, bathed in an acoustic glow that sits somewhere between Olde English folk and Nashville pop. But the stone cold stunner is a solemn live reading of Tom Waits’ “Day After Tomorrow”, a heart-breakingly gorgeous plea from a soldier who wants nothing more than to see his 21st birthday. Goose bumps.

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Gins said...

Hey guys, great post on Linda Thompson. Just wanted to let you know that our recently launched company, The Hector Fund, is helping Linda Thompson to raise $50K in Artistfunding to pay for the recording & production of her next album. Obviously, this isn't an original idea, but we believe that the future is bright for all artists who wish to finance their creative endeavors without having to enter into contracts for big recoupable advances with diminishing returns.
Perhaps more "newsworthy" is the fact that Linda has released a brand new track co-written with her son Teddy Thompson, entitled "Never The Bride" exclusively on our site. The direct link to download the free track is here:
There are also a bunch of behind-the-scenes photos and videos shot during Linda's recent recording sessions at Gold Top Studios in London--check them out on her Facebook Page,
Thank you,
David Ginsburg