Monday, November 23, 2009

Teenage Kicks Top 100 of The Decade

There have been approximately 24,000 album released this decade. We heard less than 5% of those. But we know what we like and over the next few weeks we will bring to you, our loyal and content-starved Teenage Kicks readers, our favorite 100 records of the past ten years. We created a very comprehensive and scientific methodology to determine the artistic merit of each record. Some of the metrics included minus 10 points for any reference to an animal in your band name, plus 25 points for keeping all songs on the album under four minutes, minus 20 points if we could connect anything about your music to Dave Matthews, plus 5 points for any band including brothers and plus 15 points for bringing the rock.

And when we're done (or even before we start), feel free to tell us who we missed.

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Nathaniel said...

24,000? That's only 6-7 a day. Seems way low.