Thursday, November 05, 2009

Rock of Ages - Part VI (The Hall at The Garden)

While we here at Teenage Kicks endeavor to cover as many musical events and happenings as possible, sometimes we're just proud to know people who are attending such rock and roll milestones as last night's Miley Cyrus concert (nice job Sherry), Pearl Jam's closing of The Spectrum, the Sir Rod tribute show at The Polish American Club in Clifton Heights on 11/21(Teenage Kicks gives this one our highest rating - at least the fab 70's first half of the show!). But then sometimes people who know people get to see rock and roll history unfurl right in front of them. Ace TK field reporter Scott McClatchy (aka Scooter) got to see The Rock and Roll 25th Anniversary concerts last week at Madison Square Garden. While Teenage Kicks initially cast a skeptical eye towards an event surely headed for major bloat (hello U2), could any rock show with Bruce Springsteen be a letdown? Our ace reporter says no, and files his report here.

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