Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Ike Reilly's Hard Luck Stories Drops 11/24!

In 2009, waiting until the official release date to hear an album is a quaint, outdated notion akin to waiting to get the morning paper to see if the Phillies magic number still hasn’t changed. With bit torrents, advance leaks, facebook, twitter, my space, text alerts and occasionally even the artist’s own website, it’s impossible not to hear a new release before the street date.

But then there’s Ike Reilly – a fiercely independent singer-songwriter who combines the snarl and abrasiveness of punk rock with power pop’s joyous celebration of melody. Along with The Hold Steady, Gaslight Anthem and Lucero, Ike’s bringing back bare knuckled rock and roll. Last week Ike mentioned on Facebook that he’s dropping his latest, Hard Luck Stories, on 11/24. And apparently that’s the only mention I can find of this release on the whole wide world web except the fab Twitpic you see above. I kinda like this media de-saturation – Ike’s kickin’ it old school.

Can anyone provide an Ike update? Artwork? Track list? Tour dates? While you surf, here are five (count ‘em FIVE) versions of Ike’s signature song “Hip Hop Thighs # 17”.

Hip Hop Thighs # 17 (Spook Brady Version)

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Conor said...

The last show of his I was at he mentioned that Hard Luck Stories has been available as a digital copy (off his site, maybe?) online. Anyone have any info?