Friday, July 17, 2009

Trashcan Enthusiasm

Trip and I like to say that we don't engage in music criticism, but in music enthusiasm. We'd rather tell you about what we love than what we don't. We regularly find new music in our inbox from folks who are paid to promote acts. If it strikes a chord, we share it. If not it fades out of mind until we eventually hit the delete key.

But every once in a while we hear from someone who isn't being paid a dime, someone who just wants to share a favorite band or song. Such a communique comes this week from friend-of-blog Chris, who enthuses about Trashcan Sinatras:

i wanted to give you a heads up about a scottish band called 'trashcan sinatras' that you may or may not have heard over the years. they began in the early 90's as a smiths-esque jangle pop band and have evolved (after several bankruptcies, record label bad breaks, etc) into one of the most mature songwriting bands out there. unfortunately few people outside their cult following in the US know of them, or know they're still together. so i thought i'd pass the info along since they're releasing a new album titled 'in the music' later this year and are coming to philly on 8/14 (early & late shows @ tin angel). check out the first single here:

Dammit if Chris isn't right. That's some lush, elegant, tuneful stuff. Count me among the legions who know the band's name better than its music, but now want to hear more. It seems that the band is currently shopping for a stateside record deal. Here's hoping they succeed and soon. And if you'd like to check out some of the back catalog, here's some for your listening and viewing pleasure:

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