Monday, July 06, 2009

Bruce Springsteen Covers Joe Strummer

First the original

And now I can rest. I told my partner Michael I would make it my life's work to find an mp3 of Bruce covering Strummer's "Coma Girl" last month at Glastonbury. Who are the non-interested tools chatting away during Bruce's version? And if anyone can find a video of Springsteen's "Coma Girl", please let us know.

Bruce Springsteen - "Coma Girl" (Live at Glastonbury 6-27-09)

Joe Strummer - "Coma Girl"


Michael Atchison said...

Somehow I anticipated a little more awesomeness. The crowd's silence is deafening.

Art said...

Seeing Strummer at the Blue Note in Columbia, Mo. is one of my all time top concert moments. Thanks for bringing back the memory.

And why are you surprised that an audience at a Bruce show is in stunned silence that he's playing a song they don't know.

Anonymous said...

bbc 4 is showing bruce springsteen at glastonbury tonight the 17th of july at 9 oclock ,so hopefully it shows coma girl .