Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Feelies at Johnny Brenda's 3/13/09

The Feelies tore it up earlier tonight at Johnny Brenda's with an electric show that featured several of their signature songs ("Away", "Sooner or Later", show closer "Fa-Ce-La") plus frenetic covers of "She Said She Said", "Paint It Black" and "Barstool Blues". Lotsa familiar faces there including Feeney, Fudgie, Turtle, Hook, Diane, DJ Mertter, Jamie, Steve K, Dan, Annie, Frank, Lisa and I'm assuming BagofSongs Tom and Hinchey.

Go see them if you get the chance. The Feelies, not Bagofsongs and Hinchey.


Anonymous said...

I must agree with your assessment of the Feelies. They haven't lost a step since their heyday. Much fun!

Anonymous said...

3 encores, sounded brilliant, lots of old ugly people watching, perfect

hookfinger said...

Fa Ce La was the 2nd song of the 2nd encore - just before barstoll Blues. Any idea of the other two songs that were performed during the encores?

hookfinger said...

Here's my review if you are so inclined....

-tom said...

Bag Of Songs was there and will be posting a great live recording of the show sometime later today. Can't believe I didn't run into any of you guys.

re: hookfinger
here's the setlist
01 On The Roof
02 High Road
03 Nobody Knows
04 Let's Go
05 Invitation
06 Deep Fascination
07 Higher Ground
08 The Final Word
09 Time Is Right
10 Away
11 Slipping Into Something
12 Doing It Again
13 Too Far Gone
14 Raised Eyebrow
15 Crazy Rhythms
16 She Said She Said
17 Sooner Or Later
18 Paint It Black
19 Fa Ce La
20 Barstool Blues
21 (?)Asleep in Your Arms

Anonymous said...

last one is probably 'i wanna sleep in your arms' by jonathan richman

Anonymous said...

Other encores were Paint it Black!
They never say very much. I think that is what makes the music more powerful. The opening act Qatsi was also quite interesting, they were certainly not a sound alike band. I picked up their Ep and I like it. Also got a Feelies T Shirt finally!

don said...

Wish I could have made this show. The one time I saw them (~'85) wasn't an ideal experience.

Oh, and I'm curious...

What's it feel like to be rejected by the NIT's?