Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Boom Goes The Dynamite

"Later he gets the rebound, passes it to the man, shoots it... and boom goes the dynamite".

At my house, the first two days of the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament are the best 48 hours of sports entertainment - year in and year out March Madness delivers. Upsets, brackets, comfy couches, buzzer beaters, beer, mass hysteria (Bucknell! Stephen Curry! John F&?%ing Lucas III!, Laettner!), snack food, breathless calls to friends and family (no way Kevin beats me in the pool, but Cathy will, as usual, destroy me), cinderellas and # 1 seeds all bring an unrivalled orgy of drama and heartbreak, anxiety and heartburn.

This year my beloved St. Joseph's Hawks decided it was more fun to dribble away their allotted 35 seconds rather than make actual attempts at scoring, save the desperate running three as the shot clocked ticked away my will to live. So I will throw my full support to my three favorite teams in the tournament - Missouri (my esteemed partner's alma mater), local heroes Temple, and, as any true blue St. Joe fan will attest, whoever is playing Villanova.

Upset special - # 12 Western Kentucky over # 5 Illinois.

Cheech and Chong - Basketball Jones

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don said...

Unfortunately I think 3/4's of the English speaking world had W. Ky over Illinois so it didn't help me much in my pools.

Trip McClatchy said...

The upset special was listed for the amateur bracketologist whose prognosticating abilities are not as brilliant as yours.

don said...

Don't get snippy with me just because your team is back in class or whatever it is they do over there.

beth said...

Really....not even for your favorite brother-in-law??