Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Teenage Kicks T-Shirt Contest

It's pretty simple... fire off an email (tkidsean@aol.com) and identify the mystery song and mystery band. For extra credit list the female lead singer. For a tiebreaker, name the last great Wilco album.

First place is one brand new Teenage Kicks t-shirt ("low and sleek and black" with gold lettering... niiiiiiice). Second place is two shirts (ba-dump-bump -beat you to it).

Contest ends Saturday, 2/21/09.

Mystery Band - Mystery Song


juanita said...

Is this one of those "time for an old favorite game" things?

beth said...

so....who won?

Michael Atchison said...

Indifference was the victor.

Trip McClatchy said...

Actually, intrepid reader Brian Stankus of Trenton, NJ was the winner, correctly identifying "I Want to See The Bright Lights Tonight" by the Continental Drifters as the mystery song and Susan Cowsill as the mystery singer.

Indifference placed a close second.

juanita said...

Brian wins 2 tickets to Indian Lake!

And I still think it sounded a lot like the Siobhan Maher-Kennedy version.

Philijams said...

Definitely amazing similarities between Cowsill and Kennedy versions. Voicewise the panel had a hard time distinguishing. Had a discussion..Which version is better? Which 'mystery band' is better? Kennedy best. These explorations were due to a lack of indifference.