Sunday, February 08, 2009

Jonas Brothers At The Grammys

My 12 year old son just offered up this on-point summation of the Jones Brothers Grammy performance with Stevie Wonder - "They do white rock OK, but they are NOT funky. They just ruined Stevie Wonder's great song".

I am not a Jonas Brothers hater, but for the love of god who thought this pairing was a good idea? At least Al Green and Justin Timberlake made sense (both are soulful and Memphis bred), and Timberlake is badass.

Coldplay dress like a fruity gang.

Paul McCartney was simply amazing... I forgive him for Pipes of Peace.

The opening song by U2 was all flash, no substance and having those lyrics on a giant screen didn't help. The Edge is badass, though.


Michael Atchison said...

I neglected to watch. I suppose I should make myself a note each year to remind myself to watch the Grammys.

Should've paired the JoBros with Cheap Trick. Which reminds me, I was at a 5 year old's birthday party at a local pizza place on Saturday, and the Trick's "High Roller" came on over the speakers. Cool stuff is always happening to me.

Anonymous said...


Paul makes Trip smile.

About damn time I'd say.