Wednesday, January 28, 2009

2008 Unsung - Titus Andronicus

Imagine a singer that sounds like Paul Westerberg, Shane MacGowan, Mick Jones AND Joe Strummer fronting a blazing freight train of unhinged punk rock fury with the parting shot "Your life is over". Holy shit!

This may be the greatest song ever recorded. Or not.

Titus Andronicus - "Titus Andronicus"


Anonymous said...

This album was just re-released on XL Records-- and deservedly so, I might say.



Philijams said...

The ‘freight train’ analogy made me laugh and brought this blog’s wallflower out onto the keyboard. I’m not sure if there are blogging copyright issues (josh has got his own freight train)? That’s a Mez check.
But no really!? The ‘greatest song ever recorded’. Come…on.
I’ll take you down low on that one.


Trip McClatchy said...

<< I'll take you down low on that one. >>

Or not.

Philijams said...

What the heck 'or not'??? is that like crossing your fingers? I guess I could take it mean ...'or not' in the top 50.
Anyway, I, always hated it when I made a legitimate point and you brought your mother to the playground.