Monday, January 19, 2009

2008 Unsung Heroes - The Unheard Music

I'm almost finished that delicious and confounding task of assembling my favorite tracks from 2008 into a one disc (for the curmudgeons) or two disc (for everyone else) mix where I attempt to dazzle, infuriate, or plain bewilder unsuspecting friends with the breadth of my music obsession.

There's so much out there that it is truly overwhelming. It seems like nothing can be the best, but everything can be a favorite (I mean, there are people who actually want to listen to The Flight of The Conchords). I've pored over numerous year-end lists and found that many artists who made some of my favorite 2008 music are nowhere to be found.

So for the next few days (weeks?) I'll post a song apiece by some of the great unwashed who comprise part of the vast cattle call of what X deemed "The Unheard Music".

I'd make one large post but you never know when Those Who Seek to Kill Music will send in their goons.

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