Sunday, April 20, 2008

National Record Store Day

Hopefully all of you went out yesterday and visited your favorite independent cd/record store in celebration of National Record Store Day. Here in the Philadelphia area, we're fortunate to have several thriving indie cd stores, including (but not limited to) Positively Records in Levittown, Shady Dog in Berwyn, a.k.a, music in Old City, Repo on South Street, Siren in Doylestown, Tunes in South Jersey and of course, my favorite haunt, Main Street Music in Manayunk. For many years, I worked there every Sunday and during the fall and winter could be heard yelling at customers "PleasedonttellmetheEaglesscore!! I'mtapingthegame!" Yeah, I was real popular.

Yesterday's event was a much needed boost to raise awareness of the mom and pop stores that continue to exist, and even thrive, despite the proliferation of legal and illegal downloading (even though the term "illegal downloading" sounds quaint in 2008), big box stores and the overwhelming availability of on-line sources such as amazon, ebay, and countless others. But none of those provide the personalized service, human interaction and sense of community and fun that your local cd store provides. Anyone who's ever flipped through racks and racks of vinyl and cds looking for that one great find (for me on Saturday it was a used copy of guitar pop kids Good Shoes' debut, Think Before You Speak), well, you know exactly what I'm talking about.

So a plea... Think Indie! And don't let any more of these stores go the way of Petrella's (a true mom and pop operation located on Havertown's Darby Road in the early 70's), Record Museum (down the street from the famed Tower Theatre), Jerry's in Clifton Height's in Bazaar of all Nations, 3rd Street Jazz in Old City, Mad's in Ardmore, Plastic Fantastic, the Record Cellar in the Great Northeast or any place that opened your ears to new music. Get off the computer and get out of the house... and get the to Main Street Music. Or call them at 215-487-7732 - if it can be found, they will find it and order it for you... they even do mail order!

In celebration of National Record Store Day, Main Street Music hosted a free in-store performance by foul mouthed, sweet singing British sesnation Kate Nash. For those only familiar with "Foundations", her fed up tale of a deteriorating relationship, Saturday's 4 song mini set provided a glimpse there may be more than one catchy put-down song to this not-yet-21 year old singer-songwriter. Her audience at this show was mostly giggly teen-aged girls (and boys) who sang every word and were rewarded with incredible warmth and good humor as Kate signed cds, posters, wristbands and arms, each signature personalized with a soothing comment and a big, wide smile. Who says youth is wasted on the young?

Line forms for Kate Nash in-store (note Big Tom in blue)

Kate Nash browses at Main Street Music

Kate Nash strums along and coos the Supremes' "Baby Love"

Crowd shot at Kate Nash in-store

Kate Nash and Zach, son of Fudgie

Main St. Owner Pat Feeney, Kate Nash, Music Enthusiast

All photos suppled by Charlie ("Let's take it outside") Wellock

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