Monday, March 17, 2008

SXSW Prologue - Let's Just Dance

It seems silly to write a prologue to my SXSW orgy of beer, music and beer after the fact, but I had no time before. What with getting ready to go (jeans, shorts, 5 pair socks and undies, 5 t shirts and sneaks, toothbrush & tooth paste, no razor thank you - ok maybe that didn't take too long) and figuring out who to see (I had 127 possibilities on my list - and that didn't include the day parties) plus hoop mania and actual work, just getting on the plane was a relief.

I guaran-goddamn-tee you it was worth the effort. 47 shows in 4 days. A little sunburn, a little hangover (and it was just a little), a co-pilot who didn't really get on my nerves, Philly folks everywhere we turned, our own little breakfast spot (wish I could remember the name - I only passed the joint 18 times) and weather that was almost perfect.
The above picture is The Felice Brothers and yes, I'll be spinning even more Felice yarns even if they're not too crazy about blog world. Because they crushed it live - and I wish I'd have seen them all seven times they played SXSW. But we settled for twice.
More to come!
... let's just dance.

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