Thursday, September 20, 2007


My buddy Brian, one of the smartest, funniest, best people I know, and a world-class husband, dad, friend and raconteur, turns 40 today. There are a million things you should know about him, but to accommodate this space, I’ll list just four:

1. He rose from the hardscrabble streets of Lincoln, Nebraska to conquer the world of securities law.

2. He once played trumpet in a band that later included Motley Crue’s Tommy Lee.

3. He can write a mutual fund prospectus that reads like epic fiction, with his recurring hero, good-hearted billionaire James McFluffernutter repeatedly vanquishing the evil forces of heavy-handed regulators.

4. Like me, he married way over his head.

So friends, please join me in raising a glass of Irish to one of the good guys on this milestone occasion.

Slainte, friend!

The Replacements – 20th Century Boy (live)


Anonymous said...

Oh Yes a great Irish man indeed. I knew him on those hardscrabble streets of Lincoln. Nobody made a better pot of coffe at Fast Eddies Gas And Grub than he. Happy birthday.
Pogue Mahone
From your friends at Warnerfest

Anonymous said...

To the editors:

While I have perused your page with interest in the past, I'm afraid today's offering calls into question your commitment to the truth.

Brian Brogan