Monday, September 10, 2007

Teenage Kicks Presents... Ike Reilly Assassination

We've stumbled upon an idea to bring you, our faithful reader(s?), more incentive to visit us. It's simple really... more music. So today is the first in a series cleverly titled, Teenage Kicks Presents...

We'll start with Ike Reilly - a verbose, profanely funny, hook happy beat punk who fronts the self-mythologizing Ike Reilly Assassination. Having recently released what is possibly a carrer best disc (it's a dead heat with 2001's Salesmen and Racists), 2007's We Belong to The Staggering Evening should find its way on to many year end top 10 lists.

"Valentine's Day in Juarez" is a Dylan-esque sing-song chronicle of a lost Mexican weekend featuring a litany of artificial stimulants that fueled the reverie. A little "Rainy Day Women", a little "Stuck Inside of Mobile Wiht the Memphis Blues Again".
Two earlier songs, both exuberant celebrations and condemantions of pop culture and doomed romance. Exhilarating stuff. And in case you're not convinced, the IRA is also my 10 year old son's favorite band.
"Baby... you been on my mind."
mp3 - Valentine's Day in Juarez (We Belong to The Staggering Evening)
mp3 - Hip Hop Thighs # 17 (Salesmen and Racists)

mp3 - Garbage Day (Sparkle in The Finish)


Todd said...
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Kevin McClatchy said...

I like Ike.