Tuesday, March 06, 2012

# 11 (TM) - The Rural Alberta Advantage - Departing

After an avalanche of hype and well-deserved love showered on Hometowns, their minor masterpiece of a debut, The Rural Alberta Advantage returned in 2011 with a barely noticed follow-up, the even better Departing.

Finding a soft spot between the mopey bleat of Conor Oberst and the boozy, urban strum of Deer Tick, the RAA are warm and inviting like a best friend's patience, but they hold you at arm's length while they luxuriate in winter's icy loneliness. And they seem to like it. Singer Nils Edenloff's nasal stabs at breakups and breakdowns are somehow comforting, because who doesn't want the last word in a split? Especially when it's "Good Night", a woozy, elegiac album closer that leaves everything behind except the possibility of love.

The Rural Alberta Advantage - "Eye of The Tiger" (Survivor cover)

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