Monday, February 21, 2011

50 Ways to Cleave Your Brother

I am fascinated with numbers. I'm never happier than making a little list. So here's 10 reasons to celebrate my little brother's 50th birthday. And you know you're getting old when your younger brother turns 50.

9. We are all born with a gift. It's up to each of us to cultivate it. Scott's gift is the deceptively difficult art of being able to create well crafted pop songs. Whether the masses have found them or not, they're out there (see the end of this post for a few examples). I once asked Scott why the creative well seems to run dry for so many talented bands and artists. His answer was direct and succinct - "It's hard to write a good song".

8. A Dark Rage, Burn This, Redemption, Blue Moon Revisited - a string of four excellent albums full of asphalt rock, each one better than the last. Here's to # 5.

7. Back hair, shoulder hair, bottom of foot hair. Woof.

6. Scott lives his life in exclamation points and all caps. He grabs each experience and savors it... or wallows in it. And if that exuberance means no watching hockey in my living room, then it's upstairs or to the basement you go. Sean gets enough of that colorful language during Eagles and St. Joe's games. Plus... it's hockey.

5. My youngest brother Kevin was a college basketball player, as tenacious a gym rat as you are likely to find. I have spent my life trying in vain to perfect the pump fake, and fear no shot. Yet the last time we played Utah (that's three man roughhouse), Scott won. On a free throw. In the rain. In the dark. Talk about A Dark Rage.

4. Laura. Who knew Scott would make a great husband?

3. 577 concerts - that's how many shows we've seen together. Now there's a book. And in the book, and later on the movie and even later in the fictionalized TV series, guess who's buying the first round?

2. Turtle Dove - my mom's nickname for Scott. God bless the internet.

1. Ian - Scott's greatest hit. Father turns out to be the gig of a lifetime.

0. Zero. As in PSA score. Hell yes. F cancer.

Happy 50th, dude!

Scott McClatchy - Call Out My Name (from Blue Moon Revisited)
Scott McClatchy - Margaret Ruth (from Blue Moon Revisited)

Scott McClatchy - Late Night Rodeo (from Redemption)
Scott McClatchy - I'll Follow You (from Redemption)

Scott McClatchy - Just One Kiss (from Burn This)
Scott McClatchy - Come Across The River (from Burn This)

Scott McClatchy - A Dark Rage (from A Dark Rage)
Scott McClatchy - Forever With You (from A Dark Rage)


Big Sis Peg said...

Love it!

bridaisy98 said...

All so true.
Got no pump fake.