Saturday, October 24, 2009

Rock of Ages - Part I (Long Live Rock!)

The next time someone tells you rock and roll is dead and cites Taylor Swift, the Jonas Brothers or Kanye West as proof, just tell them a) they’re wrong and b) Taylor, the JoBros and Kanye are the bomb. Now if they tell you that there’s no good current music and cite Britney Spears, Animal Collective and Jason Mraz as proof, just say a) I’m feelin’ ya, bro and b) you’re still wrong.

Because in 3 days this month, I experienced 5 shows that cleared away the cobwebs, got the blood pumping and proved that J-Roll’s double may not have been the most earth-shaking, head-snapping, jaw-dropping, chest-thumping moment this October. (OK, that might be a lie – while music rarely breaks your heart like your favorite sports team, moments like J-Roll’s gapper are timeless, unforgettable and able to unite a city that can usually only agree that there’s nothing that we can all agree on.).

So stay tuned and bear witness to the fervor and soul of Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band, Lucero, the Avett Brothers, Lucero and Gaslight Anthem. That’s a murderer’s row of passionate rock and roll bands.

As a teaser, here’s two of my favorite songs of the year. My buddy Allen calls “Sounds of The City” the song of the year and god damn if “I And Love And You” doesn’t get me every single time.

Lucero - "Sounds of The City"

Avett Brothers - "I And Love And You"


Anonymous said...

just got I and Love and You... very good indeed!!

Ms Suki said...

There a few songs on the Lucero disk that could make a run for song of the year: 'Sixes & Sevens,' 'Smoke,' 'Darken Your Door' to name a few. There is a lot to like on that CD.