Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sarah Borges - It Comes To Her Naturally

Coming on like an explosive cocktail of retro rockabilly hipster, punk rock scuzz and Marisa Tomei, Sarah Borges seems to straddle many genres and yet embdies rock and cool. The title of her third album, The Stars Are Out, could be read as self-deprecating self-promotion, or a celebration of the diamonds un-earthed with a record geek's joy of exposing some under appreciated songwriters.

Gone are the more overt country flourishes of the first two records, replaced with a meatier, slicker sound that will hopefully expose her to a wider audience. The leadoff single "Better At The End of The Day", is a weary self-examination that can't help but believe in moving forward, and a sure fire hit if Bonnie Raitt covers it. Speaking of Ms. Raitt, maybe Borges' Rockpile-ish cover of NRBQ's "It Comes to Me Naturally" can spark radio airplay just like "Me And The Boys" did for Bonnie. It's by far my favorite track on the album. And it's nestled among many other superb covers - "Ride With Me" (Lemonheads), "No One Will Ever Love You" (Magnetic Fields - maybe a full disc of Stephen Merritt covers in her future?), a jangly take on Smokey's "Being With You" and the rockabilly new wave twist of Clive Gregson's fantastic "Yesterday's Love". Where Are All The Nice Girls indeed?

Sarah Borges And The Broken Singles appear this Saturday (May 3) at World Cafe Live. Their live show is not to be missed. But if you do, you get another chance on July 24 at XPonential Music Festival at Wiggins Park in Camden. More dates here.

Sarah Borges And The Broken Singles - "Stop And Think It Over"

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hookfinger said...

Sorry T - but I disagree. Her first two records were far better. I have been listening to this for a couple of months now and it has yet to grab me. I think Sarah and her band should have stuck to what they knew instead turning down the more easily travelled "commercial" path.
I can't speak for her live show but I'll bet it is fun.