Saturday, September 06, 2008

The Streak Is Over

By my count, Michael’s blogging streak ran 32 days – which is one more post than Baskin and Robbins has flavors, two more posts than George Brett’s 1985 home run total and it’s even 18 more posts than Michael Phelps has Olympic gold medals (they even share the same first name!). So as the streak ends, I’d like to salute and congratulate my partner on his incredible streak as well as commemorate his, hard to believe Harry, first “Rosalita” concert experience. How a 40 year old Springsteen freak had (until now) managed to escape “Rosie” is a sad tale of a decade late creation, some time continuum exasperation, not to mention severe geographic isolation.

But two weeks ago in Kansas City, in addition to having Kirsten Dunst’s doppelganger serve us beers at a nearby pub (which by the way, cranked “Constructive Summer” within minutes of us taking our booth), meeting Mark as we waited for the show to start ‘cause of my t shirt (and no will care but me – but Mark’s Titan Records label put out Gary Charlson’s Real Live Gary) and having to endure Stinkbreath Magoo, Michael finally got “Rosied”. I noticed a slight tear in his eye at the song's beginning, but I’m still not sure if it was “Rosie” or Stinkbreath’s reacharound.

So Michael, here’s five from The Sprint Center:

Ricky Needs A Man of Her Own
Boys (Max Sings!)

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