Tuesday, July 22, 2008

E. Rutherford Shuffle


If you’re reading, and we suspect you are, I have a request.  Being neither in my early fifties nor from the eastern seaboard, I’ve not seen you play the dozens upon dozens of times that my buddy Trip has.  But I have seen you play in three different cities (Kansas City, St. Louis, Chicago), and I’m about to make it four, as I head to the Garden State for this Sunday’s show at Giants Stadium.  That will mark the longest trip I’ve ever made for the express purpose of seeing a rock and roll show.  While you’re understandably flattered, it was an easy call to make, seeing you, on your home turf, on perhaps the last big go-round with the band, with my friend T.J.  So really, don’t mention it. 

What I’m trying to say is that I’ve perused the internet for the set lists of the shows I’ve attended, and you’ve managed not to play some of my favorites on the occasions I’ve seen you.  So, if you can find it in your heart to play something from the following list, I’d be grateful.

1. Rosalita

2. Jungleland

3. Lost in the Flood

4. Tunnel of Love

5. Spirit in the Night

6. It’s Hard to be a Saint in the City

7. Detroit Medley

8. Kitty’s Back

9. The Fever

10. E Street Shuffle 

And if you can’t get to any of these on Sunday, that’s cool.  You can make it up to me on August 24 in Kansas City.


beth said...

How quickly Trip went from 51 to "early fifties"...;-)

Bruce said...

Michael, that's a good start -- pick another 15 songs and then I don't have to bother slaving over the set list that night, thanks, Bruce

Michael Atchison said...

Bruce thanks for the offer and the opportunity to engage in a little fantasy fulfillment. You have to play "Born to Run" at some point, or it's not an official show. Here's the other 14 I'd like to hear:

1. Because the Night
2. Girls in Their Summer Clothes
3. Lonesome Day
4. Downbound Train
5. Ghost of Tom Joad
6. Light of Day
7. Darkness on the Edge of Town
8. Prove It All Night
9. I'll Work For Your Love
10. Better Days
11. She's the One
12. Backstreets
13. Racing in the Street
14. Incident on 57th Street