Saturday, February 09, 2008

It's a Box Social!!

Do we really need to hear another group of smart-ass college kids making buzz bin indie rock with arena-sized guitars? Judging by the debut full length disc by Wisconsin's Box Social, Get Going, I'd answer affirmatively. Mixing the pop smarts of Fountains of Wayne with some Green Day snot, these ripped jean, pasty faced kids give po-faced alt-rock a jolt of radio-ready, good old fashioned songcraft. Singer/songwriter Nick Junkunc's vocals strike the perfect balance between eternally annoyed and prematurely jaded. And tell me - what's wrong with big guitars, massive hooks and teenage angst? Not a god damn thing.

Check these out from Get Going.

Find out more at their MySpace page.

Order Box Social's Get Going here.

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-tom said...

Good stuff !