Thursday, July 05, 2007

Rock Theory

On the beach the last few days gave me a chance to catch up with my favorite rock rags (MOJO, HARP, No Depression, Uncut) and the recent issue of Magnet with cover boy Conor Oberst. And yeah I dig Bright Eyes - wanna make something of it?

But what really caught my eye and tickled my inner jackass was this bit from Nick Cave regarding offers to reform his seminal post-punk psycho blues outfit the Birthday Party.

No. Nobody has mentioned it, and we would never do that. I mean, (bassist) Tracy Pew is dead, and he was the engine. As far as I'm concerned, he was what the Birthday Party was all about. I'd never have any interest in doing that. Something like Crowded House, you could be 158 and play a concert, and it would still be much the same. But the Birthday Party came out of a particular time. We were young. It's young man's stuff.

Good stuff... and by the way Michael, where's that Nick Cave comp?

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Michael Atchison said...

"by the way Michael, where's that Nick Cave comp?"

It has been marinating in my brain for a while. To do it properly, I'll probably need to pick up a copy of The Boatman's Call, which I've neglected to do thus far. But in thinking about it, I gotta tell you that with the exception of a few songs, I don't think you're going to like pre-Abbatoir Blues Nick Cave all that much.

Still, I owe you some other stuff, so I'll try to put something together tonight and send it all out by the weekend.