Sunday, January 07, 2007

Hello Fellow Music Lovers

Everybody’s got a favorite band that they think nobody knows about. Mine is Buzz Zeemer (nee Flight of Mavis). If you live in the Philadelphia area, shame on you if you don’t know these guys. They recorded the jangle power pop gems Delusions of Grandeur (1999) and the near perfect Plaything (1996) and if you’ve got room in your heart for Cheap Trick, the Replacements, NRBQ, Elvis Costello, Marshall Crenshaw, Big Star, The Clash and The Beach Boys, then head right to cdbaby and buy Plaything. It's uber-melodic, heart-on-your-sleeve, poptastic songwriting with Frank Brown's slightly melancholic yet pitch perfect vocals evoking a love child of Elvis Costello and Lucinda Williams. Yeah... it's that good.

So why talk it about these guys now? Well, first, it’s always the right time to talk about great rock and roll… especially if it comes in compact three minute bursts. And second, the boys reunite for the first time in eight years this Friday (1/12) at the Grape Street Pub in Manayunk. Buzz Zeemer - Frank Brown (vocals, guitar), Tommy Conwell (guitar – did I really need to tell you that?), Ken Buono (drums – who currently fronts his own fine power pop outfit, The Tell Alls) and Dave McElroy (bass – ask him to do “The Ass”) - will be playing at 9:15 with Naplam Sunday opening at 8:15. And admission to their only reunion show ever... $10.00 - cheap at twice the price!!

Essential links:

Grape Street Pub -

CD Baby link for Plaything -

Buzz Zeemer My Space Page -

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Baby Snake Handler said...

This Buzz Zeemer band seems like the real deal. The bass player is positively dreamy. I'll see you there.

DJ Caterina said...

Luv that Buzz Zeemer....and Tommy Conwell ain't too shabby, either!