Thursday, September 28, 2006

The Mayer of Simpleton?

Why America? Why buy cds by John Mayer? Have we run out of acceptable choices? Is it because John Mayer, as a local dj put it, is the Sting of the 00's? Mayer, in absence of any relevant product from the Sting / Gabriel / Clapton / Winwood cartel, has stepped into the breach to offer a totally white bread piece of "product" that can entice not only the original purchasers of those records ("Mom") but also ensnare their offspring in this celebration of mediocrity. My biggest problem with Mayer... he's got no songs! (Note: Mr. Mayer must be given mad props for his alleged liaisons with Ms. Simpson and Ms. Love Hewitt).

Please treat yourself to something rather than the same old, same old. You want options? You've got Amos Lee, Justin Timberlake, Lindsey Buckingham, The Killers, The Killer (Jerry Lee), Beyonce, Sparklehorse, Dylan, Ludacris, Ben Kweller, Fergie, Wolf Eyes, the Decemberists, Jet, My Morning Jacket's double live, Gnarls Barkley, the Lemonheads, Janet Jackson, Beck... so many choices either in the stores now or next week. And if you want to take the advice of one mean old coot - go to your local cd store (in Philadelphia - Main Street Music in Manayunk - Think Indie!) Tuesday (10/3) and buy the new Hold Steady cd Boys and Girls in America. It's gonna be massive.

Just anything but the Sting of the 00's.


Shuggie said...

Mrs. Shuggie is a big Sheryl Crow fan so I took here to the show at the Tweeter Center a few weeks ago. Mayer was on the bill.

Aside from the shrieking female fans, it wasn't entirely unpleasant. He did a nice extended blues jam, in the middle of which he quoted the old Otis song "I've Got Dreams To Remember."

Half way through the show, he introduced his band. There was an older, portly balding chap playing some very nice guitar fills. I didn't recognize him until Mayer did the introduction. "On guitar, Robbie MacIntosh!" I turned to Mrs. Shuggie and said, "Did he say Robbie MacIntosh?" She said "yes." I remember Robbie MacIntosh as a curly haired, slight young gunslinger who took over in the Pretenders when Jimmy Scott checked out. Time has not been kind to Robbie.

Oh yeah, Mayer closed with a solo verison of Message in a Bottle.

Michael Atchison said...

If I recall correctly, after his stint in the Pretenders, Robbie spent several years playing in McCartney's band.

I'll say this for Robbie. JHS was irreplaceable, and Robbie did a pretty admirable job carving out his own place in that band.